Big Wreck bigger than ever

Ian Thornley plays the Danforth Music Hall with Big Wreck on May 10 and 11. Nick Krewen Special to the Star Published on Thu May 10 2012   Well, that’s one less albatross around his neck. Ever since Ian Thornley added Big Wreck’s name to the ever-increasing pile of reunited rock bands, he’s been rewarded with an accolade he never received during the combo’s first late ‘90s run: a No….

Toronto’s transit of venues (or, weep not for the bop)

Veteran rock writer Nick Krewen takes a tour through defunct Toronto concert venue history – from the ’60s in Yorkville, to the subsequent decades when the action was mostly around Yonge St., to the rise and apparent decline of Queen St. W.  Nick Krewen and Garnet Fraser Published on Sun Jan 03 2010 On Queen St. W., the concert scene is changing, and it’s leaving some fretful. Hard-rock hangout the Big…

Rush Future Uncertain

Nick Krewen The Kitchener-Waterloo Record December 24, 1998 On the eve of their 25th anniversary, the future of Rush is uncertain. A pair of personal tragedies suffered this year by drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, namely the double blow of losing his daughter and wife within a few months of each other, has placed a question mark on whether the enduring Canadian band will continue. “It’s difficult to discuss a…

Floria Sigismondi – OCA Grad’s Shock Rock Videos the Surreal Thing

A version of this feature appeared in The Toronto Star on Wednesday, February 5, 1997     Nick Krewen Special to the Star Wednesday, February 5, 1997     The dark, surrealistic, fantastically costumed video visions Floria Sigismondi produces are not for everyone. But they have big-name rock stars like David Bowie and Marilyn Manson beating a trail to her studio, opening the door to precious international and MTV airtime….

Burning For Buddy

Neil Peart launches solo album tribute to iconic drummer Buddy Rich NICK KREWEN The Hamilton Spectator October 20, 1996 Neil Peart admits he’s been in no rush to release a solo album. One of Canada’s foremost drummers and lyricists who has built his worldwide reputation exclusively with Canadian power rock trio Rush over 22 years and almost as many million-selling albums, Peart launched the band’s first outside project earlier this…