U.S. immigration crackdown inspires Jessie Reyez’s charged new music video

Nick Krewen Special to the Star Oct 07, 2019 In the visually compelling video for her latest song “Far Away,” Toronto’s Jessie Reyez pulls no punches when depicting immigrant persecution in Trump’s America. During the two-minute-and-50-second scenario directed by Peter Huang, Reyez’s character and her male love interest are dancing at a party that is suddenly stormed and tear-gassed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, who end up…

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Shania Tours!

AS PUBLISHED IN KNIX MAGAZINE, PHOENIX, ARIZONA,  MARCH 1998   By Nick Krewen   The lights dim. The crowd erupts in screams and whistles. And from somewhere within the bowels of a small, sweltering hockey arena in Northern Ontario, concealed by the twilight of promise, hope and anticipation, a sweetly familiar voice asks a big sultry question: “Are you ready for me, Sudbury?” The crowd is confused at first, as…

Floria Sigismondi – OCA Grad’s Shock Rock Videos the Surreal Thing

A version of this feature appeared in The Toronto Star on Wednesday, February 5, 1997     Nick Krewen Special to the Star Wednesday, February 5, 1997     The dark, surrealistic, fantastically costumed video visions Floria Sigismondi produces are not for everyone. But they have big-name rock stars like David Bowie and Marilyn Manson beating a trail to her studio, opening the door to precious international and MTV airtime….

Geek Rock Trio Targets Hagar

PUBLISHED IN THE TORONTO STAR ON JANUARY 30, 1997   Nerf Herder Makes A Career Of Taunting Van Halen’s Ex-Singer   By Nick Krewen Toronto Star January 30, 1997   “Is this what you wanted, Sammy Hagar? Sammy Hagar, is this what you wanted? Dave lost his hairline, but you lost your cool, buddy. Can’t Drive 55, I’ll never buy your lousy records again. Never again.”   –from “Van Halen,”…