Taylor Swift

Frank Dukes at Regent Park School Of Music

Meet Frank Dukes – the go-to producer for superstars like Rihanna and Drake

Nick Krewen The Toronto Star July 12, 2019 He’s the go-to guy when you’re a pop music superstar looking for a hit – and he’s from Toronto. Frank Dukes may not be a household name to the general populace, but the 35-year-old songwriter and producer is on the speed dial of everyone who is anyone in pop music these days. Lorde, J. Balvin, Post Malone, Rihanna, Eminem, Travis Scott, Camila…

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Carrie Underwood at the ACC: She sings, she scores

Entertainment / Music Carrie Underwood didn’t need the fancy props she brought to her concert. This performer is magnificent.    Nick Krewen Special to the Star Published on Wed Nov 03 2010 Like her hockey-playing husband, Carrie Underwood knows a few things about scoring. Twenty-four hours after centre Mike Fisher spearheaded an Ottawa Senators victory in a squeaker over our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, Mrs. Fisher, a.k.a Underwood, returned to the scene…