“Bring to a boil at 350˚, add water and stir,” – Julia Child (not talking about Nick Krewen)

“I’m a let you finish,” Kanye West, interrupting Nick’s attempt at a new record at the 2014 World Samosa Swallowing Championship held annually in New Guinea.

“We’d think Nick Krewen is the best writer in the world…if we could stay awake long enough to read his stuff” – Narcoleptics Anonymous.

“Thank God he doesn’t sing for a living,”  – ACME Window Installers.

“We’ll come up with a quote later” – National Procrastafarian Society of 1827.

“He really his is own wurst critic, ” – Maple Leaf Foods

“If Elvis were alive today, he still wouldn’t know who Nick Krewen is,”  – Practically everyone.