Introduction and immediate confession…

I have a confession to make.

In finally succumbing to the world of “blogdom,” I am doing so with extremely conflicted emotions. Truthfully, if I were in any other profession aside from media, or had I ventured into something not so entertainment-specific that it would require the constant monitoring of the Internet and other forms of social media, you wouldn’t be reading this right now because I wouldn’t be on here.

Maybe I’d be weaving hemp spittoons for certain breeds of alpacas or translating the Dead Sea Scrolls into Mandarin (not that I know how to weave, speak Mandarin or can discern whether alpacas would use said spittoons in the first place) but the point here is I’m not thrilled about adding to the narcissistic cacophony that is presently defined by the “Me” generation, especially through the various avenues of social media that is eroding our privacy quicker than the procreation of mice.

That’s because for me, it’s always been about the work. I like writing. I like writing well. I like writing on all sorts of topics and making my clients happy, although through the years my specialty has been about writing about music and the music industry. The “me” portion of the equation has been secondary, at least in my mind.

If I truly felt that someone would benefit from the knowledge of how often I vent my nostrils or the fact that I had the latest variation tiramisu for desert (#1457 and counting), I’d be the first to offer up that type of info, with the thought I’d be contributing in some small, humble way, to humanity’s overall desire for self-improvement.

But I know better, so you will find none of that bloated insignificance here.

What you will find here are samples of my work, which you’ll hopefully find equal parts informative, entertaining and hopefully amusing. As this blog evolves, I’m going to be reconfiguring my web site and adding in new archives, maybe occasional sound bytes, and possibly overflow from numerous interviews that didn’t make the cut of the final piece (I always have more stuff than I can use in an article) and links to relevant sites.

And — here’s the shameless self-promotion plug — I’m hoping that you’ll find my samples of writing and voiceover attractive enough to hire me for something.

Except singing. ESPECIALLY if you value your windows and glassware…

So, as we begin this journey together, me — because I’m forced by the realities of social media to expose a bit more of myself to the world (not the fleshy parts, I promise) — and you, hopefully because you simply WANT to — the only thing I ask for is your patience as this thing morphs and burps through several configurations while I get my sea legs.

Thanks 🙂

P.S. I make great impressions. Just make sure the object you’re flinging me into is either high enough, or far enough, away…



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