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ABOUT NICK KREWEN... Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, Nick Krewen is a writer who can leap tall buildings at a single bound and...

Oops, wrong bio.

He is an extremely engaging and informative writer who was awarded a Western Ontario Newspaper Award in 1993 for excellence in entertainment coverage. First published at the age of 14, his reputation throughout Canada as an expert on the contemporary music scene impressed The Hamilton Spectator enough to hire him as their full-time pop music critic in 1986.

While at The Spectator he instigated an aggressive campaign to satisfy readership appetites for more national and international coverage, securing exclusive and revealing interviews with such stars as Santana, TLC, Rush, Corey Hart, David Bowie, Shania Twain, Vince Gill and Pat Metheny. He often wrote as many as five stories a day, including concert reviews, and published an estimated 1700 stories during his eight-year tenure with the paper, excluding an extended freelance association with The Spectator.

One highlight was an exclusive North American interview with Vanilla Ice at the height of the rapper's popularity. Krewen asked "Ice," a.k.a. Robby VanWinkle, whether he preferred fame or money. VanWinkle's "I'd take the money every time" quote was picked up and circulated around the world by Associated Press.

Krewen also secured the first North American interview with novelty act Right Said Fred, who were just "Too Sexy" for the feature. Respected producer Malcolm Burn trusted Krewen's opinion to change his solo album's title from Na Na  to Redemption, and Peter Gabriel has prominently posted a 1991 concert review excerpt on his Real World website.

Past and present clients include The Toronto Star, Country Weekly, The National Film Board, Billboard, The Ottawa Citizen, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Country Music, The Voice, The Record, Realm, Canadian Musician, Southam News, KNIX Magazine, The Globe & Mail, Addicted To Noise, TV Guide, Maclean's, TV Times, and Music Express.

Krewen has aspirations to write books, TV episodes, films, and who knows what else in the near future.

Nick Krewen lives with his wife and two cats in a Toronto house with an eyecatching view of a nearby nuclear power plant. So if you see him and he happens to be radiating a warm glow, don't assume it to be his disposition.

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